Hello! My name is 

 Jack Zhou 

  I am a Full Stack Software Engineer 



Description: Github for music
Tech: JavaScript, HTML5 Web Audio, Ruby/Rails
Challenges: Building interactive track editor, integrating with relatively new web audio API

Movie Recommender

Description: Movie recommender app
Tech: Pearson correlation algorithm, Ruby/Sinatra
Data: GroupLens Research
Challenges: Optimizing performance when algorithm makes 1000+ data calls

Brahoo Answers

Description: Stack Overflow clone
Tech: Ruby/Rails
Challenges: Performing meticulous code reviews, proper test coverage

Shopping Cart in Python/Django

Description: Simple shopping cart app
Tech: Python/Django
Challenges: Building this in 3 days with no prior knowledge of Python or Django

About Me

I am a Chicago native who has also lived in St. Louis, MO and Austin, TX. I learned to program and built all the projects you see here during my 12 weeks at Dev Bootcamp in Chicago.

I like mountain biking, cooking, and anything that involves adrenaline.

Also my name was originally Johnson but I didn't like it so I changed my name to Jack in kindergarten.

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